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Analysis / Strategy / Direction

Bryson is a business development firm dedicated to providing the highest quality of consultative services to keep you competitive in today's high-speed life sciences sector. 

Our team is composed of a diverse range of subject matter experts who offer key research into markets and valuable insights into new technology development. Our goal is to become a natural extension of your organization by offering timely and dependable guidance for critical jobs; guidance for critical jobs by experts who understand technology, business, and intellectual property.

Market Research

Evaluating and prioritizing new opportunities requires a careful examination of potential markets. Bryson specializes in providing its clients with valuable and real-time market assessments.

We take a current, in-depth look at the overall market combining research and interviews with industry experts to assess major drivers, potential obstacles, and current market trends. Through this process, Bryson will identify high-potential prospects and critical information about the market of interest. Our focus helps our clients identify and understand markets of interest, and ways to effectively enter and sell in those markets.

Our market research will help you understand the overarching trends and hidden niches that are evident in every market. Once we understand your objectives and the topics that are critical to your success, we will structure research to collect vital information, then analyze the data to produce actionable results. 

Our market research process will assist you with:

  • Keeping current customers satisfied
  • Targeting new customers and/or markets that have the best chance of producing revenue quickly
  • Prioritizing your product development efforts
  • Understanding industry trends and purchasing patterns
  • Using present or new distribution channels effectively
  • Implementing marketing communications
  • Cost reduction
  • Process improvement

Partnership Development

Bryson helps clients connect with a global audience in a personalized and efficient manner by offering custom solutions based on research and innovation. We give clients the ability to grow resourcefully while mitigating risks.

Our process leverages our depth of experience in the biotech and medical industries, our extensive network of industry contacts, and our knowledge of current and future markets. 

By combining our strategic marketing and tactical sales acumen on an ongoing basis, we identify and facilitate introductions that best fit our client's profile and can be closed by your sales force. 

The steps include:

  • Determining the most compatible customers
  • Analyzing the market
  • Selecting accounts
  • Focusing on the most promising prospects

New Technology


Bryson collaborates with clients to bring new technology and products to the marketplace.

By streamlining the development of new technologies, we allow our clients to stay competitive in the ongoing life sciences technology revolution.

We provide a unique blend of technical and business expertise to help innovation become commercial reality. 

With ongoing and robust relationships with international research institutions, we aim to assist in the alignment of new technology with commerce. 

» We customize research, analysis, and advisory services for clients on the cutting edge of science by providing timely assessments of product and technology development opportunities, competitive analysis, intellectual property strategies and compliance requirements. 

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